The Boat


We will be living on a 7 metre long, 2 metre wide boat that is purpose built and must meet all safety standards, as defined by Atlantic Campaigns. For the uninitiated in ocean rowing boats there are two different boat classes in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. PURE class boat which means the boat has a V-shaped hull with the main accommodation in the stern (back) cabin, using the hull shape and rudder for directional stability. CONCEPT class boats have a flat bottomed hull with the main accommodation in the bow (front) cabin, using the centreboard and rudder for directional stability. The two classes of boats are constructed either using carbon/Kevlar or glass fibre, the boat is virtually indestructible and self-righting.

The boat will be equipped with a liferaft, satellite phone, radio, GPS, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, tracking unit, seawater conversion system to provide us with water for drinking, cooking and the odd wash. Solar panels are fitted on the boat to provide power for all the equipment. learning and knowing how all the systems on the boat work are a essential part of the challenge.

At the present time we do not have a boat but once we have one we will put some pictures up.


Days until the race!