Our friendship

We are re-kindling our friendship with this challenge. Friends from school, we have worked and travelled together in the past. We are picking up where we left off and are both married with children. This will be an extreme test of our friendship.

It's been over 25 years since the picture above was taken on one of our little adventures which culminated in driving overland to India in an old Land Rover back in 1995. Since then we have both got married and had children living in North Devon and Herefordshire sporadically keeping in touch....................

Originally Hugh considered taking on the row single-handed; to lessen the obvious risk to life on the Ocean he decided he needed another crew member. A text was sent to Blue 'Fancy rowing the Atlantic in 2019?' and Blue was on board.  We share the same sense of humour and general outlook; we hope to share many incredible moments along the way.     

Days until the race!